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Sleep is incredibly important to our health and well being. Even small problems affecting sleep can cause constant daily discomfort, and severe lack of sleep is linked to a very long list of serious medical conditions.

This program is unique from anything available right now. It will help you improve your sleep related problems including lack of sleep at night, tiredness and low energy through the day, snoring, jet lag, waking early or making more time for sleep and much more. The program will guide you through exercises that target specific needs based on survey responses.

Program exercises include, step by step, instructions recommended by experts to efficiently resolve sleep problems. It also includes unique tricks to make changes in your routines easier and techniques for forming new habits so the results last.

The exercises target areas of your routines, activities and diet to make maximal impact towards your goals. Some of the topics include: Your environment, vitamins, physical exercises, waking earlier, physical discomfort from allergies, pain or irritation, infants and toddlers, snoring and much more.

The program runs for 30 days. Practicing some of the exercises in new routines take about this long to become natural behavior. One of the goals of the program is to be effective with minimal effort. A big sticking point for most people is the discomfort of a changing lifestyle. The program is focused on this and includes tips and techniques for making change easy and painless. It helps you work smarter not harder.

An example of a technique to make getting into a new routine easier is to change your environment.

For an example: If you want to get up earlier each day you can practice getting up when the alarm goes off through the day. This may sound silly, but it will reduce the discomfort of getting up in the morning. While you practice this exercise, change your environment by moving the location of your bed or sleep on the opposite side you normally use. The orientation to your alarm clock, light switches, dresser drawers etc will be different. When your experience changes the conveniences of old habits are gone and it is much easier to focus on completing new behaviors. This helps break old undesirable patterns making it harder to fall back into old routines.

Once the new habit has been formed it becomes second nature and effortless.

The program exercises are tested and proven to work. The best information and resources have been collected from experts in each of the fields covered as well as research studies with clear beneficial results.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the program. We are committed to your results and are happy to answer any of your questions.

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1 Answer Survey Questions 2 Complete Excercises 3 Results in 30 Days

The program contains sixty exercises with guides and proven techniques developed by experts in the fields of sleep.

The course acts as a coach to guide you through excersizes that are specific to your goals and problem areas.

Just a few areas covered in the course: Increasing sleep time, Increasing waking energy, Changing your sleep schedule, learn to lucid dream.

The program also tracks your progres and scores your effort to keep you on track to maximize lasting results.


Proper sleep makes you feel better, improves memory, physical health, work and school performance, concentration and focus, increases creativity and reduces stress.

Sleep helps with physical recovery from excercise and illness and improves alertness during the day.


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Consider what effect a drasticly improved quality of sleep, alertness, well being, improved health and productivity would have over your entire lifetime.

The program is effective, focused and also fun. The time it takes to do the program will pass regardless but your results will only come from taking action.

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Your email will not be shared with any third party and you will not receive unsolicited emails.
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